Join me to deepen your practice and engaging in self care!

Create a Vision Board!

Create a Vision Board!

Envision your Year!

When: Sunday, January 6th 2019


Where: Tucson Yoga ~ 148 S 4th Ave

Join Lyndi for a joyful, fun and creative yoga workshop to start your new year off with intention and clarity.

Often people abandon their resolutions within a month of the new year, so this year consider letting go of creating resolutions and gift yourself with a yoga workshop designed to assist you in focusing on how you want to feel as you move through the new year.

Yin and flow yoga will be used to open your creative and intuitive energy channels. With a variety of journaling activities, you will have the opportunity to explore and get clear about what you really want to manifest this year. This insight will be used to create a vision board to support you in staying motivated to take the steps that will allow you to have an amazing 2019! We will end class with a brief yoga nidra practice to integrate our intentions.

Mudras and essential oils will be sprinkled through the workshop for added joy and inspiration!

Basic vision boarding supplies will be provided:

  • Paper for the vision board

  • Cut out images and words

  • Magazines

Also available will be supplies of glue, scissors, crayons, markers, and colored pencils.

Participants are encouraged to bring a journal, magazines, images, or art supplies, but these items are not required

Early Bird Pricing - $54

If register after 12/30/19 - $60