Join Lyndi Rivers and Donna Rabuck for seasonal Center for the Sacred Feminine spirituality and yoga retreats for women.

Loving Ourselves Enough

Spring Equinox Retreat  ~ March 22nd-24th  2019

Casa De San Pedro Bed and Breakfast  

Join us at an award-winning bed and breakfast lodge on the banks of the San Pedro River for a magical weekend of  relaxing, meditating, singing, journalling, yoga, and spiraling with other like minded women.

You will spend the weekend discovering, exploring and celebrating women's mysteries and the beginning of Spring through ritual and planting the seeds of self love in order to take exquisite care of yourself and accepting yourself as perfectly imperfect.

Thank you for a true “retreat” experience! I loved the freedom to explore the river, dance, and sing with my sisters and share in the gratitude of all our gifts.
— Patti G

Enjoy hummingbirds, starlit nights, and the beauty of the land.

Come into balance at Spring Equinox as we use the goddess archetypes of Gaia, Kuan Yin, Lalita, and Oshun to explore self love practices that allow for compassion, pleasure, lusciousness, embodiment, and play into our lives!

Retreat begins on March 22nd at 6pm and ends at 12pm on March 24th. 

Retreat participants can arrive anytime between 3 and 6pm. View tentative schedule here


$450/$550 all inclusive - includes 2 nights of a shared room, 5 meals, craft supplies, yoga, meditation, ritual, and sweet surprises to support your journey. 

$695/$800 all inclusive - includes a private room with a king size bed, 5 meals, craft supplies, yoga, meditation, ritual, and sweet surprises to support your journey. LIMITED AVAILABILITY 

$850/$950 all inclusive - includes a shared room with a friend of your choosing - you both will receive-  5 meals, craft supplies, yoga, meditation, ritual and sweet surprises to support your journey. Bring a friend and save!!!

Registration now Open!!

Early Bird Registration closes on Feb 25th!!

To learn more about Donna Rabuck and The Center for the Sacred Feminine Click Here.

BENEFITS FROM ATTENDING Center For the Sacred Feminine equinox WEEKEND RETREATS:

  • an opportunity to nurture yourself in a beautiful place at a sacred time

  • a time to be fully embodied during luscious yoga sessions with Lyndi

  • a chance to stop and reflect on your own process of growth and change

  • an opportunity to learn about specific goddesses from different traditions

  • a packet lovingly prepared for you by Donna with information about the season, the theme, archetypes, goddesses, and symbols.

  • a sprinkling of gifts to serve as touchstones at retreat and after

  • a re-turn to your source, to your feminine ground & grounding

  • a chance to come into balance within & without

  • a celebration of Mother Earth and the beauty of the changing seasons

  • an opportunity to heal, whole, and know yourself as holy

  • a chance to relax and savor the sweetness and joy of life

Your retreats are like a safe haven for travelers and the yoga, the singing, rituals, and friendships formed - its like a big AHA! The retreats just keep getting more and more beautiful and encouraging.
— Patricia


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Casa de San Pedro Bed and Breakfast