Wellness Wednesday

All therapeutic classes occur at

Yoga is Therapy 

 2921 E Fort Lowell Ste 103

Classes are on Wednesday from 6:00-7:30pm

Class Flyer  

Drop in cost $15

 $65 for a 5 class pass, $120 for a 10 class pass



Unwind Your Mind

1st Wednesday of each month

Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique of learning to relax consciously. It allows for complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Students will have journaling time to create a sankalpa, a positive, present moment resolution which one states at the beginning and end of the practice. It works within the subconscious mind to create a joy filled life.


From Stressed to Refreshed  

2nd Wednesday of each month

Stress is the leading cause of disease (dis-ease). This class will blend meditation, gentle movement, restorative yoga, mudras, affirmations, and aromatherapy to release deeply stored stress and trauma in the body in order to provide nourishment to your nervous system, allow the mind to quiet, and refreshment to your spirit. 

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Peaceful Pelvis    

3rd Wednesday of each month

No class in Nov and Dec

This class focus on relaxing, stretching, strengthening, softening the pelvic floor and stabilizing the pelvis. Benefits includes increased blood circulation and vitality to the root of the body supporting the base of all movement. This class weaves together Pain Care Yoga principles, breath, mudras, gentle movement, restorative poses, and aromatherapy. 


Awaken to Joy                            

4th Wednesday of each month

No class in Nov or Dec

A mindfulness based class that supports alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and depression through meditation, mudras, mantra, movement, aromatherapy, and breath. This class utilizes principals from LifeForce Yoga.