The Way of the Happy Woman®
Yoga, Meditation, Life Balance  Retreats

You give, you work, you sacrifice. But are you brave enough to put yourself at the top of your priority list?

Calling all women who do too much!

Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s a revolutionary act. A feminine road back to yourself. And it changes everything.

You already know this is true.

But sometimes, we need a reminder. A skilled guide back to our own inner wisdom. A sacred pause from life’s endless To Do’s … so we can return to our deepest, truest vitality.

These self-care mini-retreats are lovingly designed to help busy women harness the healing power of ancient feminine wisdom within their modern lives … so you can reclaim the lasting harmony and happiness that’s your birthright.

When a woman is relaxed and rested, she is the most resourceful, receptive, creative and in tune with her Feminine Soul.
— Sara Avant Stover

Based on Sara Avant Stover’s bestselling book, The Way of the Happy Woman, these day retreats will show you how to live gracefully amidst the ever-changing world around you. It will be soulful and down-to-earth, inspiring and practical.

The Way of the Happy Woman®  Yoga, Meditation & Life Balance Day Retreats are gatherings for women to reconnect with themselves and each other. Here, you will source your innate feminine wisdom and use this powerful, vital clarity to guide your busy life from now on.

What to Expect:

  • Attune to the creative energies each season — and learn how to embody these qualities this season

    • Reflective Energies of Winter: deep rest, visioning, and intuitive wisdom

    • Creative energies of Spring: renewal, reawakening, and rebirth.

    • Playful energies of Summer: joy, celebration, and lush fulfillment.

    • Contemplative energies of Autumn: turning within, harvesting everything you’ve created, and releasing what no longer serves you

  • Discover how to be happy in everyday life — no matter how busy you are

  • Learn simple self-care practices to find balance as a busy, modern woman: on the yoga mat, and in the world

  • Attune to your feminine cycles (and see how these connect to the cycles of nature) and learn how to participate with them for optimal health and happiness

  • Reconnect with your femininity through women’s yoga, meditation, and community

  • Marry the healing power of ancient feminine wisdom with modern sophistication

  • Learn to stop resisting the rhythms and flow of nature, so you can enjoy authentic joy and radiance.

These day long retreat balances quiet contemplation within the structure of a supportive community.

What’s Included:

  • Yoga for women (of any experience level): energizing flow, gentle yin and restorative

  • Body-based, insight meditation

  • Intuitive journaling that reconnects you with your inner guidance

  • Creative women’s circle practices and community connection

  • Seasonal self-care secrets and sacred ritual.

  • Seasonal Vegetarian Lunch

Join us to discover the essential lifestyle and mindset practices that no happy woman can afford to live without!

When a woman heals herself, she heals the world.
— Sara Avant Stover

You’ll learn practices to make every day of the year better — as well as specific tips for how to thrive and glow during each of the seasons.

Within the magical container of a women’s circle, you’ll slow down and connect with your powerful, intuitive inner wisdom and peace.

Our heartfelt aim: to support you in reclaiming your true nature, unconditional health, happiness, and feminine radiance.


In addition to all this beautiful insight and practice, first time registration also includes a copy of Sara Avant Stover’s bestselling book, The Way of the Happy Woman®.

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