Yoga Therapy Testimonials

I so much appreciate the individualized restorative sessions Lyndi has provided for me! I look forward to each session to rejuvenate my health! Lyndi is one of those people that believes in what she does and cares about meeting my needs!
— Holly
My sound healing session with Lyndi was relaxing, restorative, and deeply healing. I felt the vibrations bounce off different parts of my body at different times. The sound felt as though it resonated deeply inside! Afterwards I felt in some way shifted, deeply relaxed, and centered. This feeling reverberated over the next few days.
— Kari
I love the restorative yoga therapy sessions with Lyndi... When I get there, I talk about what has been going on with me. Lyndi is very intuitive and after listening she suggests a pose to start with. She places the props, supports, suggests an affirmation or mudra, and chooses an oil – all for me. Exactly what she thinks will most support me at that moment in my journey. It is hard to put into words how deeply nurturing and comforting it is to be cared for and “attended” to in this way. I feel drastically different after each session. I feel more grounded and connected to the inner knowing that guides my journey.
— Cassandra
My first session [of sound healing] I had a headache, in addition to the pain in the rest of my body... It did not take long to allow the sound frequencies to overtake my body. After the two different restorative poses she placed me in, I could not believe the amount of relaxation I felt. I came home and told my husband that I felt “more relaxed than I ever have even after a massage”, which I have had every 2 weeks for years.
— Cynthia C.

Pelvic Wellness Testimonials

I will never feel the same about my pelvic floor – it really is the foundation of wholeness for me as a woman. Thanks Lyndi!
— Andrea B.
I have some deep release through this class. I have been working with pelvic floor doctors and this class has released pain in a totally different way.
— T.P.
Lyndi is the best kind of teacher – calm, supportive, and respectful. She quickly created a feeling of community in our diverse group of women and made us comfortable discussing the most intimate of topics – pelvic floor issues. She was a knowledgeable and effective yoga instructor and radiated compassion, sensitivity, and cheerfulness. Her sense of humor and her little gifts added fun to the mix. I would take the same class again without hesitation.
— Sue G.
This series was transforming in my understanding of what is healthy and not healthy for the pelvis – and in extension, alignment and the whole body. Also I have a different “felt sense” of the pelvic floor. I feel educated in the potential problems women can get and am very motivated to prevent these.
— C.O.
This is my VERY FAVORITE. Her model of the pelvic floor really helps me imagine the muscles and I can really tell a difference. No more pee pads!
— Anon

Classes / Workshops / Retreats Testimonials

I absolutely loved the classes and think Lyndi is a highly skilled, intelligent, intuitive and genuinely compassionate teacher. From the moment I entered the studio, I felt completely accepted, just as I was. There was no tension or judgement, only a deep sense that I was entering a safe space where I could allow myself to relax and heal…She is an authentic and unpretentious teacher who brings a great sense of humor and joy to her classes.
— Nori S.
Lyndi is a breath of fresh air when it comes to instructors. Down to earth, not super fitness focused, rather, wellness focused!
— Anon
Everything Lyndi offers is spot-on, delivered with compassion, Grace and wisdom.
— Anon
Lyndi balances her goals for the class with her students’ needs (not always the same some days). I especially like how she explains the why’s of what we are going to be doing. It helps me improve my practice and tailor it to my own needs.
— Anon
The class (restorative) reduces my stress and I actually feel better after class. Lyndi’s guidance is easy to follow and relaxing.
— M.T.
Lyndi is so gentle, and introspective with her approach to yoga. Her classes leave me with a feeling of peace.
— Laura
I had an amazing time. It was such a healing experience to be in a group of women who were so open and compassionate towards each other. My favorite thing was the sense of community and belonging I felt with a group that I had never been part of before.
— Ramsie M.
As always, the retreat was so nourishing. The River is sacred. We were blessed with the cutest ducks! It was so beautiful to expand our love circle with amazing new sisters. My favorite things: the Seven Directions Movement Meditation with Donna on Saturday morning and Yoga under the cottonwoods with Lyndi.
— Selene S.