Pelvic Wellness Testemonials

Lyndi’s Peaceful Pelvis classes were the highlight of my week. I always left feeling restored, refreshed, and ready to face the rest of my week.
— Sarah
I will never feel the same about my pelvic floor – it really is the foundation of wholeness for me as a woman. Thanks Lyndi!
— Andrea B.
Lyndi is the best kind of teacher – calm, supportive, and respectful. She quickly created a feeling of community in our diverse group of women and made us comfortable discussing the most intimate of topics – pelvic floor issues. She was a knowledgeable and effective yoga instructor and radiated compassion, sensitivity, and cheerfulness. Her sense of humor and her little gifts added fun to the mix. I would take the same class again without hesitation.
— Sue G.
This series was transforming in my understanding of what is healthy and not healthy for the pelvis – and in extension, alignment and the whole body. Also I have a different “felt sense” of the pelvic floor. I feel educated in the potential problems women can get and am very motivated to prevent these.
— C.O.
I have some deep release through this class. I have been working with pelvic floor doctors and this class has released pain in a totally different way.
— T.P.

Yoga Therapy Testimonials

I am a person that sets many goals for myself and often they overlap with competeing goals! Recently as I held my left shoulder with my right hand and massaged to lesson the pain, Lyndi gently invited me to stand and directed me through some shoulder movements. In a very few moments I relaxed and felt the tightness and pain subside. I remembered that she had given me a flyer to participate in a Yoga session and decided it was time to set an appointment (one of my goals for several months). The first session was a shock to me as my body is so limited in my ability to move without pain and I realized that I have gotten so used to it that I just push forward! Not the best practice for someone that wants to age gracefully and be healthy! I have continued at home and will continue with my sessions with Lyndi as my body is beginning to respond to the flow of circulation and ability to move freely with less pain. I so much appreciate the individualized restorative sessions Lyndi has provided for me! I look forward to each session to rejuvenate my health! Lyndi is one of those people that believes in what she does and cares about meeting my needs!
— Holly
I love the restorative yoga therapy sessions with Lyndi. I look forward to them with great joy and anticipation, knowing it will be amazing but not knowing what will happen or unfold. When I get there, I talk about what has been going on with me. Because I often have a lot going on – an opportunity to deeply rest and integrate what I’m experiencing and learning is incredibly powerful. Lyndi is very intuitive and after listening she suggests a pose to start with. Sometimes my body will direct the session, with her following my lead. She places the props, supports, suggests an affirmation or mudra, and chooses an oil – all for me. Exactly what she thinks will most support me at that moment in my journey. It is hard to put into words how deeply nurturing and comforting it is to be cared for and “attended” to in this way. I feel drastically different after each session. I feel more grounded and connected to the inner knowing that guides my journey.
— Cassandra