Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of yoga.
— International Association of Yoga Therapists, 2007

Maitri is a Sanskrit word often translated to mean unconditional friendliness to oneself. As a Yoga Therapist, this is what I hope all my clients experience as a result of their yoga practice and their work with me. Many individuals are critical of themselves. The ability to practice maitri helps to alleviate this self imposed burden; this ability begins with learning how to hold all experiences with an open heart. Learning this skill will help with healing on all levels.

I believe Health is our Birthright and that we are all healthy at at the core of our being. Sometimes this gets forgotten as we are dealing with an illness or health challenge. Then, as individuals, we focus more on the illness and begin to identify with that and forget our healthy core selves. My work with individuals is to help them address any health challenges while also honoring that they are already healthy and whole.

My Yoga Therapy practice is based upon the Panchamayakosha model of yoga, recognizing our human existence as consisting of 5 sheaths or layers:

  • Anamayakosha – the physical body and its systems

  • Pranamayakosha – the energy body and breath

  • Monomayakosha – the psycho-emotional body

  • Vijnyanamayakosha – the witness body

  • Anandamayakosha – the bliss body

Your Yoga Therapy sessions will begin with a 1.5 hour thorough assessment process which starts with a conversation about your beliefs, lifestyle, and personal needs. We then move into an in-depth postural assessment, testing of your joint range of motion and muscle strength. In addition, we look at your breathing patterns and other aspects of your energy body.  You will leave this session with a preliminary plan in place to begin your healing path. 

During follow up 60min sessions, you will be given a customized and individualized treatment plan. Items in this plan may include specific movements, breathing techniques, mudras, mantra, or meditations. At each session, we will review your treatment plan so that improvements can be made. Sessions end with a short yoga nidra practice or meditation to allow for integration. 

Yoga Therapy starts with a commitment of an initial assessment and 3 follow up sessions. After these appointments are completed, we can assess your need for additional sessions, or if the work we have done together has given you the tools you need to continue to manage your concerns/conditions and brought more balance to all levels of your life – mind, body, spirit.

Nervous System Nourishing Sessions are also available. These sessions can be a part of a Yoga Therapy series or can be stand alone session. These sessions focus on supporting individuals in healing and nourishing their nervous system through allowing them to embrace a time of “Being” and receiving. These are intuitively based sessions in which Lyndi designs a session which consists of a mix of restorative, yin, yoga nidra, breathing practices, or meditation. 

Sound Healing Sessions are a favorite and unique offering. Student will rest in savasana or various restorative poses as Lyndi plays four beautiful crystal singing bowls and guides the student in releasing energetic blockages and receiving vibrational healing. The singing bowls assist in achieving a clear state of mind, which allows for a deepening of the meditative state. This practice can also reach to unresolved emotions awaiting clarity or release. These can be stand alone sessions or part of a Yoga Therapy series. 

Chakra Exploration and Balancing Sessions. During an initial 90min session the student will be guided through all seven chakras, to explore each one. This sessions include visualization, gentle movement, journaling and/or drawing experiences out on a body map. During the second 60min session we will focus on a chakra that the student determined was unbalanced during the previous session. Lyndi will design a session to help bring balance and energy to that chakra.

Lyndi is currently in a 3 year clinical training in Organic Intelligence (OI). She has completed half of the training and has begun to offer OI sessions. Organic Intelligence is a clinical practice of human empowerment, resiliency, mindfulness, and compassion to resolve the effects of stress, trauma, and PTSD. It works on supporting nervous system regulation through the science of self-organization. Organic Intelligence sessions are 60min long.

Your Investment in creating radiant health and wellness:

  • Initial Assessment ~ 90 mins $130

  • Yoga Therapy Sessions or Nervous System Nourishing or Sound Healing Sessions ~ 60 mins $80 - 90mins $120

  • Introductory Package ~ Assessment and 3 Individual Sessions - $300 (Save $60)

  • Ongoing Package ~ 3 60min Yoga Therapy, Nervous System Nourishing or Sound Healing Sessions $200 (Save $40)

    • 3 90min Yoga Therapy, Nervous System Nourishing or Sound Healing Sessions $300 (Save $60)

  • Chakra Exploration ~ 90mins $120

  • Chakra Balancing ~ 60mins $80

    • $160 for both sessions ~ one 90mins and one 60mins (Save $40)

  • Organic Intelligence ~ 60mins $40

    • 3 60min Organic Intelligence sessions $108

For questions or if you wish to speak with Lyndi prior to scheduling a session contact her at

Yoga Therapy Sessions take place at 3208 E Fort Lowell Ste 102.

Lyndi primarily see clients on Sunday and Tuesday afternoons.

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