Peaceful Pelvis

PLEASE NOTE ~ These classes are ending in Sept. Last class will be on Sept 24th

When:Third and fourth Tuesday of the Month • 6:00–7:30pm

WHERE: Yoga is Therapy • 2921 E Ft Lowell Rd, Ste 103

COST: $15 Drop-In

The pelvic floor is the foundation of our body that contributes to all movement. When our pelvic floor is off balance, then everything above it can be off balance too.  It is an often misunderstood and underappreciated part of the body, unless one experiences any kind of pelvic floor dysfunction. A pelvic floor is ideally flexible, supple, and strong. It needs to be able to both fully relax and contract.

These therapeutic classes focus on the pelvic floor and muscles that surround and support the pelvic bowl.

3rd Tuesdays - Peaceful Pelvis 

This will focus more on awareness, stretching, and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles and surrounding muscles. This class will be appropriate for people with hypertonic pelvic floor concerns and pelvic pain.

4th Tuesdays- Peaceful (Powerful) Pelvis 

This class will include awareness, stretching, stabilization, and strengthening of the pelvic floor, and muscles around the pelvis. This class would be appropriate for people who are ready to add strengthening exercises, or who have hypotonic floor concerns or pelvic bowl instability.

Benefits include increased blood circulation and increased vitality to the root of the body supporting the base of all movement.

These classes weave together breath work, mudras, body awareness, mindful yoga poses and essential oils.

Root Wisdom

Pelvic Floor Workshops for Humans  

When: Date TBA

where: Tucson Yoga ~ 148 S 4th Ave

The pelvic floor is the foundation of our body that contributes to all movement. When our pelvic floor is off balance, then everything above it can be off balance too. A functioning pelvic floor needs to flexible, supple and strong, able to both fully relax and contract.

During this workshop with Lyndi Rivers C-IAYT we will review basic anatomy of the pelvis, three layers of the pelvic floor musculature and its key functions. We will discuss how the breath and "core" contribute to the health of the pelvic floor. We will explore and debunk common myths. We will work with yoga asana to soften, stretch, and mindfully strengthen this area.

This workshop is designed for any person who desires to know more about this essential part of their body. Whether you have experienced leaking when laughing or sneezing; frequent urination; pregnancy; childbirth; fibroids; pelvic pain; surgical intervention; menopause; prolapse; low back, hip, or groin challenges, prostrate pain, or discomfort during sex, this workshop will provide a support environment to create a mindful relationship with your pelvis.

To learn more, please check out this interview I gave about the Pelvic Floor Here

Yoga for Pelvic Wellness Series for Women


Will focus on awareness, relaxing and stretching the pelvic floor muscles.


Will continue the pelvic floor exploration and will add strengthening exercises.

This therapeutic series includes learning the basics about your pelvic floor, the three layers of muscles and how to engage them all. We will discuss importance of the breath and abdomen in having a vital and healthy pelvis. Various yoga poses and mudras will be taught that support pelvic health and radiance.

Sessions are designed to help you create a more loving relationship with your pelvis while providing deeper awareness, softening, stretching and mindful strengthening. It will also address the muscles around the pelvis which influence pelvic wellness.

These series are appropriate for all women who want to learn more about this essential part of their bodies.

This class and series will be helpful for anyone who has experienced the following: *pelvic pain *leak when laughing or sneezing *lower back, hip or groin problems *have to go the bathroom too often *pregnancy and birth *prolapsed organs *vulva skin irritation  *discomfort during sex  *discomfort while using tampons

  • If you are not sure if this series is appropriate for you, consider the following questions:

  • Are you curious about your pelvis and how it important it is to your body and breath?

  • Do you want to learn new ways to decrease pain or address the tension/pain cycle?

  • Do you want to make your pelvis strong and flexible, supple and juicy?

  • Have you been diagnosed with a Pelvic Floor Dysfunction or have you experienced Pelvic Pain*?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions then this series is for you!

No Series currently scheduled - Check back again or sign-up for my newsletter (see bottom of page) to be contacted when these are scheduled.

Root Wisdom Workshops for Men & Women

Coming soon!