Affirmations on Contentment

I breathe contentment into my heart.

I am content with my life as it is and know that everything is unfolding in my best interest.

I accept myself for who I am in this moment and give myself permission to grow beyond this.

I trust and remain open to receive from both expected and unexpected sources. 

I recognize all that I have and I am grateful.

I gratefully release myself from all disempowering fears and doubts.

Being who I am is enough.

Practicing contentment brings peace, security, and joy into my life.

I honor both the ups and downs in life and bathe in the contentment available in the present.

As I rest in contentment, an experience of wholeness and integration arises naturally.

Affirmations on Spaciousness

Accepting this moment as it is, allows me to feel a sense of spaciousness. 

I am learning to create more spaciousness in my life. 

When I slow down, I allow myself to experience spaciousness

I choose to move towards a more spacious and intentional life

In the pause, I experience spaciousness. 

Pausing allows me to connect fully to myself. 

Priotizing self care is a way to experience spaciousness.

Being who I am is enough.

I am willing to let go of the badge of "busyness".