The Way of the Happy Woman is a global sisterhood, spiritual lineage, and prescription for sane and soulful living, based on the best-selling book and global women’s community led by Sara Avant Stover.

This is a loving wakeup call for women to slow down, reconnect with what is most essential, and fall in love with ourselves and the world around us.

Drawing from yoga, Buddhist meditation, Taoism, Ayurveda, devotion to the Sacred Feminine, and psychological healing, this path weaves the timeless and esoteric into the practical day-to-day, in true wise woman fashion.

It reunites modern women with the natural seasons, cycles, and rhythms our ancestors lived by: within our precious bodies and within all of Life around us.

At its heart, this is a Heroine’s Journey. A path of self- love. A motherly and compassionate embrace of every aspect of yourself: dark and light, spirit and shadow, Queen, crone, and warrioress. A celebration of the wisdom of creative cycles, the strength in softness, the erotic in the everyday. A reclaiming of your innate wholeness and authentic happiness, that exists beyond all external circumstances.

Through simple practices for body, emotions, mind, soul, and shadow (accessible for women of all ages,denominations, and persuasions), we cultivate inner and outer resources. We root in the essential, become present with the flow of life, and transform obstacles into opportunities in order to discover our indestructible strength.

Gentle and direct, integrative and fiercely individualized, this Way brings us to fuller intimate relationship with ourselves, the Divine, one another, and the world. The Way is wise and wild, sacred and soft, messy and mysterious. It challenges every woman to always turn inwards for guidance, first … because your way is The Way.

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