Affirmations on Nourishment

I nourish by body by eating food that makes my body feel good.

I nourish my mind by choosing thoughts that empower me.

I nourish my spirit by engaging in daily spiritual practice. 

Expressing gratitude nourishes my appreciate of my life.

I am willing to nourishing my body, mind, and spirit in all ways.

Being kind nourishes my connection to others.

Being in nature nourishes my connection to self.

I choose to nourish myself.

I nourish my dreams by taking small steps to make them come true.

Dreams provide nourishment for the soul.

I choose create a nourishing environment that supports my health and growth.

Spending time being creative nourishes joy and play in my life.

Loving myself and other nourishes my heart.

I nourish my light by listening to my inner wisdom. 

I am willing to easily and joyfully nourish myself