Samputa Mudra

Samputa  Mudra 

Gesture of the Treasure Chest 

For Cultivating Truthfulness - Satya 

"Samputa" means treasure chest, and it awakens us to the treasure of our true inner being. This mudra invites us to turn inward to listen to our inner voice, accessing the wisdom and guidance beyond the condition of the personality. It cultivates a sense of inner security that supports us in communicating our inner truth clearly even in the face of challenges and difficulty. 

This mudras directs and awareness to the neck and throat, massaging the thyroid gland, supporting health of vocal cords and metabolism. 



To practice this mudra

  1. Hold the left hand slightly cupped, facing upward, at the level of the navel.

  2. Place the right hand, also slightly cupped, over the left so that the right fingers rest on the outer border of the left thumb, creating a hollow space within the hands.

  3. Relax the shoulders back and down, with the forearms resting agaist the sides of the abdomen with the spine naturally aligned.