Palli Mudra

Palli Mudra

Gesture of the Shelter

For Cultivating Trust in Your Inner Guide.

Palli means “shelter” and this mudra provides the shelter that we need to tune inward and connect to our inner sense of trust and centering. As one holds this mudra, they may begin to experience ease in breathing throughout the entire torso, supporting the health of all body systems. The mudra allows the breath to move up and down the spinal column allowing one to find both inner and outer alignment through elongating the spine and creating more spaciousness and steadiness. It supports a willingness in releasing old limiting belief patterns that no longer support our ongoing growth and transformation. As we release those old beliefs we open to experiencing our true self as whole and joyful. We learn we can trust ourselves and the wisdom of our inner guide.


To practice this mudra

  • Wrap the middle finger over the index finger

  • Touch the tip of the thumbs to the tips of the ring finger on the same hand

  • Extend the little fingers straight out

  • Rest the back of the hands onto the knees or thighs. Alternatively, this gesture can be held with the hands at shoulder height, with the palms facing forward.

  • Relax the shoulders back and down, with the spine naturally aligned

** Mudra information and recorded meditation is taken from “Mudras for Healing and Transformation” by Joseph and Lillian Lepage.