Done is better than good - My First Pelvic Floor Yoga Video

“Done is better than good” is something that Elizabeth Gilbert has written about. Basically the premise is that sometimes it’s more important to complete something and just get started than to wait for the right conditions or for something to be perfect. As a recovering perfectionist, this is really hard for me. But I recently realized I had wanted to do something for over 5 years, and I never started it for so many reasons.

So today, on a whim, I decided to film a short video of a yoga practice that I often do to support my pelvic floor. It is so imperfect, but I did it. I am celebrating letting my perfectionism go in order to offer something that might be of support to someone else.

For this practice you will need a strap. This is a practice that helps me when I have spent too much time sitting and my pelvis or low back is feeling sore and/or tight.

Feel free to give me feedback or ideas of things you would like to see in the future.