Purna Hridaya Mudra

Gesture of the Open Heart

To come into this mudra:

Hold your hands in front of the heart with the palms of the hands facing each other and the fingertips pointing upward.

Interlace the fingers inward so that they cross at the upper segment, with the right index finger closest to the heart.

Stretch the thumbs downward to touch at their tips so that a heart shape is formed.

Relax the shoulders back and own with the elbows held away from the body and the spine naturally aligned.

Purna means “Full” and Hridaya means “Heart” ~ so this mudra supports the opening of the heart so that we can feel the fullness of the breath and the fullness of all of our emotions. When holding this mudra, one may become aware of the breath in the chest, side ribs, and upper back, allowing for a release of tension and optimal oxygenation of our cells. This mudra allows the mind to calm so that one may begin to see the space between the thoughts allowing for deeper compassion and acceptance for self and others.